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I’m a patient patient I’m a patient patient I’m a patient patient

Posted Jan 24 2008 12:00am

Well, in true Lauren fashion it looks like things will be delayed (again).  I was so happy to be discharged this morning but I had a couple pf strange episodes over night and the docs will not discharge me until we get to the bottom of what is causing it.  Basically I have not slept at all.  The first time I had fallen asleep I woke up suddenly to catch my breath and saw that my heart rate was 132 and pressed the nurse button. That is wayyyy high for someone who was sleeping.  It kind of dipped after that and then leveled off but left me with chest pains.  The nurse printed out the episode for the doc to look at in the am.  I was uncomfortable the entire night. Then, about 3 hours later I was trying to doze off into a nice sleep when bam! again!  I couldn’t catch my breath, I sat up and my heart rate was 135.  It has never once been over 100 on the monitor since I have been hooked up here in the room (except for scary biopsy day of course) so it is pretty notable.  This sort of episode has never happened before either.

Now, I await some doctors to make their way to me.  Wait and wait and wait.  I am told it could be a device thing so we are going to get the Kicker checked out today at some point.  I hope we get answers FAST.. I want to be home so badly. So so badly.  

I will keep you posted. 

I’m getting some snacks right now to cheer me up again ;)

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