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Hypothyroidism and Heart Disease: An Update

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:05pm

OK, folks, read 'em and weep. My thyroglobulin antibody test was a whopping 37.9 IU/ml (0-14.4 reference range) and my thyroid peroxidase antibody test was worse at 22.8 IU/ml (0-3.9 reference range). Guess what, I likely have a thyroid autoimmune disease , probably Hashimoto's Thyroiditis . Well, at least I now KNOW (think I know anyway) what is causing my symptoms!

Next step, find a doctor to confirm my own diagnosis and properly treat me. Good luck. I called the top endocrinologists in my area and the wait is out one to two months or more. So, I took what I could get and will see somebody this week. Hopefully, the doc can get me started on a thyroid hormone replacement strategy so I can see how it affects my lipoproteins as well as my general well-being. However, I kept my appointment with the other guy - just in case I need a second opinion.

You know, it's funny. When I started this gig seven years ago (well before this blog) I thought I would be researching the heart and its arteries and peripherally the liver (as it makes most lipoproteins). Now, I'm digging around in my neck! Go figure. Well, you go where the cure takes you. The lesson to be learned here is to take matters into your own hands, be proactive, leave no stone unturned, and keep searching until you unearth all the root causes of your disease.

I'll heep you posted on my journey!


P.S. The good news is we won't have to start our own foundation as we are with Lipoprotein(a). There are LOTS of thyroid groups!

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