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How to localise the focus of origin of VPD ?

Posted Nov 30 2012 11:24am

Some general rules are available

RBBB -Morphology -LV origin

LBBB morphology -RV origin

Exceptions : Interventricular  septum  is electrically  RV or LV ?

Electrically it is more of  a  LV .  Septal  focus often have RBBB morpholgy . Exist points  do  matter

Three lead  approach

Rapidly looking at lead  V1 , V6 and AVR  can give us a clue

AVR +ve  will immediately tell us the VPDs are  firing  towards right shoulder .

RBBB morphology points to  a  LV focus .

Negative VPD in V5 will further confirm  LV apex is in the trailing  end  of VPD

Common  sites  for  post MI VPD

  1. LV apex and Apical septum
  2. Infero posterio MI
  3. RV origin more common

Which VPD  morphology  has better localising value  RBBB or LBBB ?

It is  the LBBB  that has more localising value . LBBB invariably fixes the right ventricle

RBBB can either be  right ventricle or left ventricle .

To be continued .

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