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How to keep your heart safe and healthy

Posted May 18 2012 6:44am
There are many types of problems or conditions one may have to deal with regarding their heart.  In a written by CBS News, they discussed how heart disease is one of them and affects around 12 million people.  Some people can avoid heart disease while others cannot.  Some of the causes of heart disease have to do with your family background while others are simply your age or gender. Men tend to have heart problems earlier in life than woman do.  As you get older, especially when you pass the age of 65, your risk for getting heart disease grows as well.
            Some of the risk factors for heart disease are under your control however. These factors include but aren’t limited to:
            ·   Smoking                        
·   High cholesterol
·   High blood pressure
·   Physical inactivity
·   Obesity
·   Diabetes
Most these can be regulated with by living a healthy active lifestyle. For some that is easier than others, but the small choices we make everyday can add up to make a huge difference for your health. 
            In order to make sure your heart is healthy, you need to seek proper care from professionals who know what symptoms to look out for, and how to treat them.  Living in Los Angeles, there are many choices to choose from when picking a cardiologist.  Los Angeles is such a large area, and there are many cities that offer different styles of practice.   Beverly Hills Cardiology is a great place to attend in order to have your heart looked at and kept in great shape. In order to make sure your heart stays healthy, you also need to have regular checkups and get all your internal levels tested. A cardiologist Beverly Hills would be the ideal person to have see your heart and keep track of its progress and make sure you are in a good healthy state.
            If you go to your cardiologist and there is no problem, great! You still should know some of the symptoms to look out for in case you obtain a problem down the line.  These symptoms don’t always mean that you have heart disease, but they could be signs of a potential health issue so you don’t want to just overlook them if they are persistent. 
            One of the most prominent symptoms would be chest pains. These chest pains can show themselves in all different types of ways and should be known about so you can properly protect yourself and seek for medical attention when needed. Usually the pain feels like a person is being suffocated or strangled which can be very scary and cause more stress if you don’t understand where the problem is coming from. These pains are subject to not only the chest area either. Many people aren’t aware that you can feel pain in your jaw, shoulder, and even in your arm and have it be related to your heart. Main symptoms can include heart palpitations, shortness of breath, weakness or dizziness along with fatigue.
A lot of the times, people don’t even realize they have any symptoms or are prone to heart disease until they have a heart attack.  It’s still treatable after you have a heart attack, but it does put a lot of strain on your body unlike it would have had the problem been detected prior.  To read more on how to keep your heart in a healthy condition, please click on the following link:
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