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How to increase circulation?

Posted by Nirmala N.

Despite the fact that I exercise a lot, my circulation is pretty poor in general, I've been told. Are there ways to boost circulation if you have this issue?
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Try an inversion table. I've never seen one of these at a gym, but perhaps some out there do have them. I would suggest to improve circulation try using an inversion table, which you lay down, hook your feet to, and lean backward until you are almost completely upside down. It not only helps to improve circulation, but also to decrease stress.
Dry Natural Skin Brush. Every morning wake up and brush your skin with a dry natural skin brush. Then, take a cold shower or a relatively cold shower. This will improve our circulation and metabolism, which go hand-in-hand.

You don't mention what kind of exercise you're doing. 

One of the best things to boost circulation is walking.  A consistent walking program can help stimulate collateral circulation (side branches) to get the blood where it's needed.  One of the worst things is smoking.

this may help you better.


Every morning wake up and brush your skin with a dry natural skin brush.

Internally cayenne stimulates the heart, regulating the blood flow and strengthening the arteries and capillaries. If you want to get your blood flowing, and your face red with blood take cayenne tincture.

Most of us use the Lungs at a small fraction of their full efficiency. If we carry out deep breathing to use the Lungs more fully, this will get more oxygen into the blood, remove waste products from the blood – especially carbon dioxide – more quickly; and generally help to speed up the circulation of the blood.

Elevate Feet. Raising the feet for short periods can help get the circulation moving through the feet. By placing your feet on a chair or sofa as you lie on the floor blood will drain from each foot and when the feet are return to the floor freshly oxyg.

Eat Better. Eating a healthier diet and reducing your fat intake will improve your circulation because there will be less fat in the blood stream which will make the blood less viscous and allow it to flow through the small blood vessels more easily.

Tap Yourself. Make fists and gently tap your knees, thighs, back and ribcage. This gets the blood moving.

Hot and Cold Treatments. Hot and cold Showers or Hydrotherapy is a good way of improving your circulation. It is something you can do every day, concentrating on the effected area. When you get hot under a shower the blood rushes to the skin and feeds it. Then when you immediately put on the cold, the blood rushes to the internal organs. You shiver, but what is happening is that your blood is flushing out your skin and leaving it oxygenated. Then, again, a hot shower and the blood rushes from your internal organs, so flushing them, to your skin.




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