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How many times can my 76 year old father go back into afib--this time following a partial knee replacement?

Posted by theresa

He has had electrocardioversion twice.  His florida doc wants him to go through catheter ablation and his md doctor says no way.  He just had a partial knee replacement one and a half weeks ago and said last night his feet and legs were hugh and he's back in afib again.  Going to florida heart doc today.
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Many of us just leave our patients in atrial fibrillation.  It's not necessarily a bad thing unless heart rate control cannot be achieved.  The days of cardioversion are fading and usually only good the first or second time people go into atrial fib -- unless they're acutely ill.  General advice is to leave someone in atrial fibrillation, keep heart rate normal, and anticoagulate with warfarin/coumadin long term.  I'm not a fan of catheter ablation unless the person is severely limited by the atrial fibrillation.  That's uncommon now, as there are good medications for heart rate control.
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