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How do I reverse my coronary plaque

Posted by MaggyAnne

Hi, I'm an English lady living in Durham, UK with my husband Jeff. I've just discovered that I have a calcium score of 70, putting me at risk for future Coronary events, and I'm scared. I came across this site and was amazed to find that there were so many empowered people trying to take control and change the course of their lives to enable them to keep well and not fall victim to heart attack and stroke. At the moment I am unsure as to where to turn or what to do. My doctor is unconcerned and takes the attitude that I am being obsessive and should just go away and come back when I am really ill. Well stuff him (excuse my French), I want to take action now to make sure I don't become ill. I look forward to talking to some of you and hearing what you are doing that works and is keeping you well. Bye for now, speak to you soon.
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