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how do i know if i have transitory benign chest wall pain?

Posted by hearthealthy27

i get theses pains in different areas of my chest it's like a jolt of stabbing pain that lasts for a few seconds then disappears it happens under my breast in the middle of my chest or sometimes at the tip of my rib cage. i am a 27 year old female please help
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i am 27 year old female, and i constantly have chest wall pain, it bothers me alot sometimes, but i usually try not to think of it, doctors these days seem to laugh us young healthy "looking" people right out of theyr office, but sometimes we know whats going on with our bodies and they dont, i swear they would just let me die, so im taking into my hands, or the hands of many q and a sessions and internet research... also doing the master cleanse its helping with many of my health problems, i feel no bloating all toned up and im on day seven! just a suggestion, good luck to you!
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