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How come my blood pressure readings look funny?

Posted by kilkoy

Hello in college I had a physical and the doctor for the first time said I should watch my blood pressure.  I did not worry about it for a while until after college.  I recently got a blood pressure monitor and have been taking my blood pressure.  During the day my systolic blood pressure ranges from 120-150.  This makes me a little nervous.  The weird thing is my diastolic pressure is always very low.  Like 50-60 during the day.  This morning upon waking my blood pressure was 116/45.  I looked up the reason for this and I read that it means your arteries are deteriorating, but this is usually only a sign of that for older people.  What does it mean for younger people?  I am 24 years old 6'2 220 pounds.  My heart rate during the day when I take these readings is about 60 beats/min.

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