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How Can You Lower Cholesterol Without The Harsh Side Effects Of Drugs?

Posted Nov 06 2010 3:26pm

We all know that high cholesterol is one of the leading causes heart attacks and strokes. These can be very debilitating diseases and are some of the leading causes of death in the western world today. Many doctors these days will prescribe drugs when a diagnosis of high cholesterol is made in an attempt to control it and bring it down to normal levels. These medications work effectively for many people but they do produce some harsh side effects for many others. This is why so many people lately have been seeking a more natural way to lower cholesterol.


There are a number of side effects that are caused by some of these drugs but the most common you hear people complain about is muscle pain and memory loss. These cases can range from mild to very severe. Even with this knowledge the current medical community more often than not will use these drugs as a first line of defense.


When people receive a diagnosis of high cholesterol it is human nature that they rely on the sole advice of their physician. As it turns out it is often worth doing a little research on your own so that you are in a position to make a well informed decision as to how you are going to proceed. Unless your readings are so high that immediate intervention is required gathering as much information as you can is advisable. You first need to look at your lifestyle. There are plenty of times that once people really take a hard look at the way they eat and exercise that they find ways to make improvements.


So where do you start once you have chosen to lower your cholesterol naturally instead of with the use of drugs? As mentioned earlier you first need to look at your diet and exercise regimen.   These are the two most important factors in getting your cholesterol profile under control. Exercise and being active are very important to your new program. A good place to start is to sit down and think about what you actually enjoy doing. For some people it is swimming, dancing with your partner or even a brisk walk. Once you identify what it is you enjoy and start your program it will be much easier to stick with it and continue over time. The next thing you have to evaluate is your diet. Diet is something that many people do not put enough thought into. We get cholesterol in our diet from animal products. This includes red meat and dairy products just to name a couple. You do not have to cut these out of your diet completely, just try to limit them. Foods that come from plants do not contain cholesterol. Examples of these are nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Oatmeal is one of the foods that actually have the ability to lower cholesterol. Try to include more of these types of foods in what you eat.


Along with diet and exercise you may also want to use a high quality supplement that can compliment your efforts to lower your cholesterol. There are many out there that have been shown to be effective. Take a little time and do some research into which one is best for you.


So as you can see once you have armed yourself with a little knowledge your possibilities for getting the problem under control increases. I am sure that you will find this preferable to the harsh side effects of prescription drugs.

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