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How can I control my rapid heart rate and pulse feelings?

Posted by kg

In recent months I've had heart palpitations, occasional blood pressure spikes and a feeling that my pulse is stronger than it should be and I can feel it so strong within my body...  My heart rate never gets over 98/100...but feels like it's beating out of my body, especially if I'm feeling nervous or  upset about something.  How do I get to a resolve naturally?    Been to docs and might be stress or hormones...  I'm drawn to natural therapies, eat well, am happy, active, 47, thin and very aware of my body but my heartbeat is driving me crazy, if you know what I mean?
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Could be repressed or unexpressed emotions.  Make sure you don't have aenemia.  I think accupuncture helps with these types of issues because you may have weak kidneys.
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