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Hi. I'm Michael. Diagnosed with Hypokinesis of left ventrical. What are the causes and potential treatments??

Posted by MichaelMc

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There are ten's or even hundred's of causes of left ventricular hypokinesis.  Common causes of hypokinesis include heart attacks and drug toxicities (e.g. alcohol).  Treatments are directed both at the cause (e.g. preventing heart attacks and not drinking alcohol) and directed at healing the heart (e.g. taking medicines such as carvedilol and lisinopril).  While sounding trite, a sick heart which demonstrates hypokinesis is less resistant to an unhealthy lifestyle, so diet and exercise become centrally important.  Salt and fluid restriction become very important in many types of left ventricular dysfunction.


Am also Type 1 diabetic and yes, while I have given up smoking end October last year, do drink somewhat too much. If is the level of alcohol or the volume of fluid?? ie Drinking beer - greater amound of fluid, or straight rum?? Guessing neither!! Anyway, diet is OK as is exercise until this came up. Get breathless after little exertion. Understand exercise can help but to what point before it may stop my heart working at all?? :-(( Waiting still to see a cardiologist. Ahh the joys of the unknown!!???!!


In general, a little alcohol is actually though to be good, but many who say they drink "a little" are actually well into the moderate drinking range and quite a few people are well into the excessive range.

When people have an enlarged heart, I say no level of alcohol is safe.  If I were in that person's shoes with an enlarged heart, I'd say it wasn't worth it to risk causing even more damage to my heart.

With an enlarged heart, both true alcohol content (measured in terms of mass) and fluid are independently bad.  People who have enlarged hearts should be on salt restriction (2 grams or less/day), fluid restriction (2 liters or less/day), and weigh themselves daily.  So, if you need to watch your fluid volume, you may gather that beer would be worse as it would add volume, but I'd revert to the "it's just not worth it" argument.  I may be wrong that it's safe to have a drink a week, but I don't think alcohol is that important.

Low level, aerobic exercise is ok, but keep the heart rate down and don't do resistance training.  So, don't do heavy weight lifting, but do high-repetition, low weight lifting.  Don't sprint, but go for long, low-strain jogs.  I would strive for heart rates in the range of 70% of peak (220-age).

Hypokinesis can be related to silent heart attacks in your case given the diabetes, so be sure your sugar levels are better than perfect and be sure your cholesterol levels are even better.

Good job on the smoking!  Very tough task.

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