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Heart Disease Takes A Vacation

Posted Nov 05 2010 2:15pm

“The day was finally here.   I have nine whole days to relax in Maui; nothing but fun in the sun.   It’s a week I’ve been looking forward to for several months.   Too bad I have to take Rebecca with me.”-- Rebecca’s Heart 

Sometimes I imagine my heart disease has a life all it’s own.   After all, it deserves a vacation too, right?   It’s got to get sick of me eventually.   All I ever do is complain about it, tell others of its horrors and wish it away with every fiber of my being.   Is that wrong? 

Life Goes On

Perhaps it isn’t very realistic to think of my condition as a life force.   No doubt, some would argue that to do so is a bit egotistic.   I mean, after all, we all have problems, right?   How can it be a good thing to attribute human traits to something one can’t control? 

Well, ask anybody who has this, or any other, stupid disease.   I bet they’d tell you the same thing.   Sometimes to come to terms with your condition is to acknowledge it and toy with it.   What do I mean? 

Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted

And who wouldn’t?   I want a vacation from all of my troubles, worries and responsibilities.   Therefore, it stands to reason that what comprises me would want the same.   So what if I talk of my condition as wanting a vacation or speak of it as a living entity.   

When you face life each day with the prospect of dying, you’d be a fool not to make the most of it.   If that means teasing myself and that which consumes me, so be it. 

Kudos Kathy Valentine, Charlotte Caffrey and Jane Wiedlin.   Who could imagine the impact your song would have: 


‘Can’t seem to get my mind off of you’

‘Back here at home there’s nothing’ to do’

‘Now that I’m away’

‘I wish I’d stayed’

‘Tomorrow’s a day of mine that you won’t be in’ 

Wouldn’t that be great. 


Rebecca Fortunato

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