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Heart Disease Prevention Measures: Protect Yourself and Stay Healthy

Posted Feb 18 2013 7:10am

Well, we all are aware of the severity of heart diseases where it is one of the primary causes of death. It is sad that there are millions of people suffering from this disease. In fact, the highness in the rate of early mortality amongst people diagnosed with this disease is the most concerning thing. However, it is not something that you cannot take care of it. Apart from age and heredity factors, there are several risk factors that can make you highly vulnerable to heart diseases. You can do a bit towards your health and well-being by avoiding these risk factors, which is the only way to control the heart disease at an early stage, or to prevent it altogether. Let us go through the details of heart disease prevention measures in the next part.

Get Rid of Obesity

Considered a numero uno cause of heart diseases, obesity produces a high risk of developing them. People mostly misconstrue weight gain with muscles rather than fat. They do not realize that this fat is acting as a slow-poison for them and leading them towards critical conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Well, intelligent are the people who understand this thing and work towards weight loss by following a healthy diet and regular exercise. Even you should not lag behind and work towards losing weight.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Doctors mostly recommend a low-fat diet including foods having low cholesterol and low salt content. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products are heart healthy foods that will benefit you in several ways. Even low-fat protein foods, fish rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids and legumes are good for your heart. The main thing is to avoid saturated and Trans fats. They play a vital role in raising the bad cholesterol level in the body thereby elevating the risk of heart diseases. Also, experts do claim that moderate alcohol consumption actually works well for your heart where men and women should not go beyond two and one drinks a day respectively.    

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Well, this is highly essential to ensure that the heart keeps functioning well. Regular exercise and physical activities help in keeping you miles away from the clutches of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stress, obesity, and diabetes. When you take care of this thing, the heart disease risk reduces tremendously. For this, it is essential to spare at least 30-45 minutes from your hectic schedule for exercise. If time is something that is concerning you, then you can indulge in 10-15 minute-session daily or adjust your schedule as per your convenience by considering most days of the week for exercise. The crucial thing here is to stay active, and you must ensure it for your betterment.

Avoid Smoking

This is something most of us are aware of where smoking or tobacco consumption is one of the most dreadful causes of heart diseases. However, the problem is that many people believe that smoking less does not cause any harm. Experts do have a contrary opinion, which claims that smoking, no matter how much you consume, produces harsh effects on the heart. Even second hand smoke is something you must avoid. Smoking mainly causes arteriosclerosis (narrowing of arteries) where the harmful smoke substances affect the oxygen supply in the body. In order to get rid of this and to provide the body with sufficient oxygen, the heart starts working vigorously than the normal case. This eventually leads to high blood pressure further resulting in heart diseases. Thus, you should quit smoking to recover quickly or to prevent them.    

Do not Ignore Regular Medical Checkup

This is something that makes you aware of your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Once you cross 40 years of age, you should go for regular medical examination. Same thing goes for the ones who are suffering from hypertension and diabetes. Routine checkups also make you identify symptoms of heart disease at an early stage. This helps in seeking proper treatment and taking care of the heart in time.   

Thus make a note of all the aforementioned measures and incorporate them in your daily routine. They will definitely keep you away from heart diseases to a large extent.

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