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HDL, LDL Transporters (and Clive Owen)

Posted May 14 2010 8:55pm
Hypnotic... Lancome loves Clive Owen
Lancome isn't the only one...

[Directed by Wong Kar Kai]

The HAAAWT Transporter

Clive Owen was featured in a series of vignettes as a BMW driver transporting goods -- of unknown origin to known destinations.

BMW 'The Hire' Film Series
--Starring Clive Owens
--One vignette directed by Wong Kar Kai 'The Follow'
--Other vignettes directed by: John Frankenheimer, Ang Lee, Guy Ritchie, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

LDL and HDL are Transporters (like Clive Owen)

Our energy and immunological systems use LDL and HDL to transport things... Cholesterol (mandatory for all hormone and steroid synthesis, cell membranes, BRAIN, etc), phospholipids (cell 'walls' of every cell), triglycerides (converted carb and lipid energy) and antioxidants (coenzyme Q10, tocopherols, tocotrienols, carotenoids -- beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, astaxanthin, etc.)

How? From the gut to the liver to our circulatory system, food is transformed to more easily transportable entities. Complex carbs are broken down to glucose. Complex carbs are also re-transformed to carbon chains which are then transformed to fatty acids known as triglycerides. Dietary fats are also transported as Trigs but dietary carbs generate more and for longer durations.

Build a Bionic HDL3 Particle for LONGEVITY

Recently researchers built a bionic HDL3 (denser HDL) made of 3 components (1) Apo A1, (2) CHOLESTEROL, and (3) Phospholipids ( Small, dense HDL3 particles attenuates apoptosis in endothelial cells: Pivotal role of apolipoprotein A-I. de Souza et al. J Cell Mol Med (2009)). These particles in a petri dish blasted away oxLDL and 'displayed twofold superior intrinsic cytoprotective activity'. Impressive.

In vivo data? YES it exists as well. Centenarian subpopulations not only exhibit what conventional cardiologists would think of as 'harmful' atherogenic profiles of high Lp(a) but also high HDL3. It turns out perhaps this only makes sense in the context of an anti-inflammatory state. Centenarians tend to display high HDL, high HDL2 (large fluffy) and high HDL3 (smaller denser). See prior animal pharm Ashkenazi long-living Jewish probands -- benefits of high saturated fat diets part II .

Thanxxx Mr. Jack C for your contributions and pointing out in the MARS (Krauss et al 1996) which showed that only baseline HDL3 made any difference in the outcomes for reduction in progression of heart disease -- lovastatin made no difference, LDL-reduction made no difference. Only HDL3 at baseline. Thank you kind Sir. Lipoprotein subclasses in the Monitored Atherosclerosis Regression Study (MARS). Treatment effects and relation to coronary angiographic progression.

How do we prevent excessive Triglycerides from cluttering our HDL3?
--avoid excessive carbohydrates
--start an evo/paleo diet plan -- no grains, no legumes, limited fruit and n-6, plenty of fiber/greens, plenty of OMEGA-3
--meat meat meat
--fat fat fat
--eliminate hyperinsulinemia (sleep, relax, exercise, balance hormones -- cortisol thyroid sex, avoid minimeral/vitamin deficiencies, avoid xenobiotics, avoid pesticides, avoid PHARMACEUTICAL POISONS)
--exercise, lift some weights, move around, yoga

In vivo and ex vivo data:

o Prior animal pharm: Despite Genotype apoE 2/3/4 -- the SFA diet produced higher ApoA1 and higher HDLs
o Prior animal pharm: 6 eggs daily (~12oo mg cholesterol daily) with the highest SFA:PUFA ratio (4:1) produced the highest HDL (10% greater), highest HDL2 (~4X), HDL3 lightest wt% (fluffier) and highest ApoA1 in lipoprotein particles (PDF HERE )
o Plasma LDL and HDL characteristics and carotenoid content are positively influenced by egg consumption in an elderly population.
o Plasma LDL and HDL subspecies are heterogenous in particle content of tocopherols and oxygenated and hydrocarbon carotenoids. Relevance to oxidative resistance and atherogenesis.
o Effect of particle size and lipid composition of bovine blood high density lipoprotein on its function as a carrier of beta-carotene.
0 In vitro and in vivo LIPOLYSIS of plasma triglycerides increases the resistance to oxidative modification of low-density lipoproteins.
0 Susceptibility of LDL to oxidation in vitro and antioxidant capacity in familial combined hyperlipidemia: comparison of patients with different lipid phenotypes.
o 17beta-estradiol affects in vivo the low density lipoprotein composition, particle size, and oxidizability.
0 Vitamin E, LDL, and endothelium. Brief oral vitamin supplementation prevents oxidized LDL-mediated vascular injury in vitro.
o Variations in oxidative susceptibility among six low density lipoprotein subfractions of differing density and particle size. [Krauss et al, the higher the CHOLESTEROL CONTENT, the more resistance to oxidative stress]

Can You Build a Bionic HDL3?

How do we add Cholesterol, Apo A1 and Phosphopids to our HDL3?
--eat cholesterol (A2 dairy, ghee, egg yolks, animal/fish, krill oil, etc)
--eat saturated fats (ditto above + virgin coconut/palm oil)
--avoid statins and other poisons/pollution which knock off cholesterol, testosterone and other steroidal hormones and their precursors and the optimal balance
--eat phospholipids (A2 dairy, ghee, egg yolks, animal/fish PHATS, krill oil, etc)
--minimize excessive carbohydrates

Simple? Bionic is easy.

Ok a quickie aside...

Pemmican Fans (yes -- Danny Roddy this is you BABE)

Steve Phinney on Pemmican and Indigenous Diets (Interview at Me and My Diabetes)

o Discusses the Masai warriors -- meat, milk, B-L-O-O-D to make warrior MUSCLES (milk was A2 goat milk )

o Pemmican is good stuff

o I like my asian style Pemmican on high carb days with rice (glutinous rice is even better *Hhhmmmm!). PORK SUNG (courtesy of wiki).
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