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Have you heard of this tomato extract ? Fruitflow�������® is a patented, scientifically-proven tomato extract which i

Posted by tomtom

Fruitflow® is a patented, scientifically-proven tomato extract which inhibits platelet aggregation, a known cause of heart attack, stroke and venous thrombosis. Discovered by Professor Asim Dutta Roy at the Rowett Institute in 1999, the technology has been developed by the Provexis team in recent years. This development programme includes eight clinical trials (to date), regulatory clearance in both the EU and USA, the publication of clinical proof in highly-regarded peer-review scientific journals, and patent protection in major global territories.

The product is commercially-ready for delivery in a wide range of food, beverage and dietary supplement formats. Future claim areas under development include deep vein thrombosis, metabolic syndrome and type-II diabetes.Fruitflow® is designed as a dietary supplement which will inhibit several pathways of platelet aggregation without side effects. Aspirin is a drug which targets one specific platelet aggregation pathway, and is not recommended for use by the population at large for cardiovascular disease prevention partly due to its well known side effects including gastric bleeding. In addition, a significant percentage of users show some resistance to its effects.

In the current trial, Fruitflow® showed up to 28% reduction from baseline platelet aggregation occurring through three different biological pathways, while aspirin showed up to 60% reduction in one of these pathways, but no effect on the other two. The broader antiplatelet effect of Fruitflow® reflects the Company's aim to provide a daily dietary supplement with a significant effect on blood flow, but without suppressing platelet aggregation completely.

The trial compares the effects of both Fruitflow® and aspirin on a single dose basis over a five hour time course. At this stage around 40% of subjects have completed the trial, which will continue until the end of the year. The trial is being carried out by Provexis at the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, part of the University of Aberdeen, with independent statistical analysis by BIOSS.




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