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Has Quercetin been associated with elevated blood pressure and palpitations?

Posted by Dottie B

 I have been taking Quercetin which works well for me to alleviate severe allergy problems.  However, recently I have been having elevated blood pressure and palpitations.  I have a suspicion that Quercetin may be involved.  My blood pressure got as high as 199/96 and the palpitations were almost constant at time.  A trip to the ER and two EKG's showed no problems but I get very uncomfortable and feel very anxious when these events occur.  The Quercetin I take has 250 mg per capsule and in addition l00 mg Vit C, 15 mg Magnesium carbonate, Bromelain 25 mg and Lemon bioflavonoid complex 50 mg.  I  have taken as many as 6 capsules per day.
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