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Halloween Happenings

Posted Nov 02 2008 12:00am

My Halloween was nice. I didn't do too much during the day, besides mail out a card and a necklace set that I sold to a phriend (thanks Marcia!). I tried to take a little nap before passing out candy, but that wasn't too successful. So around 4ish, I got ready to go down to my parents' house to pass out the candy!

After I got to my parents' house, I decided to walk down the street (practically back to my house!) to take pictures of the house that puts up life-sized statues of witches and goblins and ghouls, so very cool! Sadly, this will be the last year they are there because they sold their house to a minister. Something tells me the minister won't be celebrating Halloween, at least not like these people!!
So I passed out candy for several hours, and I would guess that we had about 200 kids, at least. Being that Halloween was on a Friday this year, and that it wasn't too horribly cold, the kids came out in droves! My fav costume of the year, besides my niece and nephew? The five-year old kid dressed as Slash, from Guns N RosesAfter trick-or-treating, and after I hung out with my family for awhile, I left for Dee's house to hang out with some friends. I didn't realize until I got there, and sat down and chatted with Dee for awhile, that exhausted I really was. I was kinda quiet, just listening to my friends chat about this and that. My friend, Renee, left, and I started getting ready to leave, when Dee's friend Melissa's sister, Nicole, started asking me about the oxygen I had on. It was almost midnight, and it was a perfect way to start off PH Awareness month! I handed Nicole a green card from PHA, and she asked me all sorts of questions about PH. She is going to school to become a dental hygienist, and she actually wants to do her next project on PH now because it is something that she is sure not a lot (or any!) of her classmates know about PH. I gave her my contact info, and hopefully she'll get in touch with me when she starts working on her project! I left Dee's house, got home, and went to bed. I was very exhausted!

I woke up exhausted! I felt like I didn't sleep at all. I think all the fresh air I had from giving out candy the night before was a part of it. So, today was rest day!! I saw Diane in the hallway when I went to check my mail, and we chatted for quite a bit. I asked if Frasier dressed as a cow, and she said yes. I was sad that I missed it! But, she said Frasier would love to put the costume back on! So, she went upstairs with him, and I got my camera and stood at the bottom of the stairs leading up to Diane's apartment. When Frasier was ready, he went down the stairs to the landing. OH MY GOSH!! He was so stinkin' cute!!

I spent my evening catching up on things I hadn't watched yet, like Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, The Office, Brothers & Sisters, and Grey's Anatomy. I also spent forever on the phone with my friend, Michelle! It was a quiet evening, but now I am off to bed, and I'm very excited that I get an extra hour of sleep!!! I'm sure I'll wake up at 9 something, when I usually get up, and it'll only be 8 something. lol

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