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Hail Caesar Salad!

Posted May 23 2010 6:37am
We use this dressing/sauce on romaine, soft-boiled eggs, boiled broccoli, stir-fried shrimp or just heirloom tomatoes...


We saturated-fat-up the original recipe and here's our version!

High-Sat-Fat Caesar Dressing (Mediter-Asian variant)

Blend with a hand blender in a large 3-4 c size cup or bowl (or if you need a workout, mash in a wooden bowl with a wooden spoon)-- drained tin of anchovies (Trader Joe's is great)
-- 2-4 cloves garlic
-- 1-3 Tbs mustard (either yellow or Grey Poupon, 3 to 4 Tbs will yield a mayonnaise)
-- 1-3 Tbs soy sauce (Whole Foods and health food stores have wheat-free tamari sauce, same thing)
-- 1-3 Tbs lemon juice or raw apple cidar vinegar
-- 1-2 tsp black pepper
-- 1-2 tsp sugar or honey (**secret ingredient**)
-- 3/4 to one cup MCT Oil (NOW brand which is flavorless)
-- 1-3 Tbs olive oil (or more, I like the polyphenols)
-- 1 to 2 egg yolks (preferable omega-3 free-range chickens)

Adjust the flavors to your personal taste.
Store in fridge for up to one week. MCT oil and coconut oil like other saturated fats are natural preservatives with anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

Alright. Dylan-y asian dude? Gimme MORE . Bubbly is good too... No One does chick songs so well. He ROCKS the Beatle's Yesterday .

Autumn Leaves (Nat King Cole), David Choi

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