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Had PVCs or PCVs (cannot remember) for two days in a row - same time - evening time...HELP!

Posted by stephbech27

I am a 35 yr. old female- on the thin side if anything - 5'8" tall -

I take:One 20 mg. Prozac, (past two months) SID -  clonezpam, 1 mg. PRN, Suboxone, (4 mgs. per day for over 11 months now..ouch-long time) -

My husband is a RN - snuck me into the monitor room with our 4 yr. old twins with us, (hence the clonezpam) - and hooked me up to a monitor and watched with another Monitor Tech.  They watched me for about 30 minutes.  I had 2-3 PCVs or PVCs (Think that is the correct term) every 30 seconds.  I could call them out being as they felt like contractions.  Yes, I am going to see a Cardiologist but am wondering IF by not taking my Prozac for 4-5 days in a row would have done this to me?  I have been on the prozac for about 12 weeks now - TOPS.  I have a bit of depression and a little OCD. 

I have read where Cardiologists think these are considered benign.  I definitely feel them and KNOW they are not fake.  I just want to know the root cause and get help.  I drink coffee and soda but do not smoke, drink alcohol at all or do any sort of opiates (obviously because of the suboxone) nor street drugs.  I am a healthy person so I thought and just had a complete CBC done on me per my Pain Mgmt. Dr. to make sure the Suboxone was not effecting my liver.

Any help so greatly appreciated!



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