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Good to be back in the swimming pool!

Posted Oct 03 2008 11:32am

I made it back to the gym after being away for a week, what with the wife & kids down with a tummy bug - which I thankfully managed to dodge!

My initial plan was to swim around 300m, as I had been away for a bit, but it just felt so good being in the water again that I decided to skip the bikes and rowing machine and rather swim some more laps.

All in all I reckon I must have swam about 500 - 550m in total, my best yet! (Not back to back lengths though, that’ll come later when I am a bit fitter…)

And the blood pressure monitor reading after I had showered and changed was pretty good too, sitting at 123 / 69!

I know you can’t really compare the blood pressure reading after exercise to one taken when resting, but I felt pretty good all the same.

If only my swimming strokes were more efficient! I reckon I’m losing about 3 to 5 seconds a lap due to poor form. Anyone out there a swimming instructor? :-)

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