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Get In Shape

Posted Oct 22 2008 9:35pm

Do you want to lose weight and get in better shape? It might be easy to get started but it can be very challenging to stick with a program after a week or two, despite all your good intentions. Believe me, I've... been there, done that!

Well this morning on Twitter, I noticed a tweet about Google having an interesting campaign to promote walking. Thanks for the heads up, Steve Rubel. I clicked on the link he provided. Cleveland Clinic and Google are promoting a 15 week walking program. You can track your progress using the gadget that can be uploaded to your iGoogle home page. I love having iGoogle as my home page because I have all of my favorite blogs, weather, news in one spot. So, now I have my "walk for good" progress tracker.

Accountability really helps when you want to stick with an exercise or eating plan. Somehow, having to mark off each day as to whether I stuck with my plan or not causes me to be more loyal to my program. I hate having empty spots when I was supposed to exercise. Zig Ziglar is a great promoter of accountability when starting an exercise program. He recommends making a mark on your daily calendar, noting how much exercise you did for that day. Whenever you see a lot of empty days, you're heading for trouble. Well, now you can keep track right on your computer.

At the end of the program, you can vote on which charity will receive $100,000. So you're walking for good! Each week, Cleveland Clinic will have a new video to help motivate you to continue. We all need some extra motivation and this might be something that will help many of you.

Make the heart choice to take good care of yourself. Check it out!

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