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Fun in the forest

Posted Jun 23 2009 1:57pm
After a great weekend, im experiencing a bit of an anticlimax now that I'm home. It was so nice to breathe fresh clean, country air and walk and be wheeled around free of stress and worries. I was impressed at how well I was able to 'switch off' and enjoy the simple things. Rabbits, geese, squirrels were all there to greet us as soon as we entered our lodge. They would come right up to the door ready to come in! So funny!

Managed to get some nice shots of various wildlife. I was impressed to find a man made beach by the lake and there was a little pontoon bridge that went out into the lake.

There were moments during the mini break that I did feel a little upset that I could not partake in many of the activities despite having my new lung. This is something that in time, I hope I will come to accept more and appreciate some of the things I can do since having the transplant.

In the next few weeks leading up to my transplanteversary I will reflect upon how I was pre transplant, the limitations and distresses I experienced compared with my life now post-transplant. I will also be collecting some ideas from friends and family. Often I find that others remind me of the changes and benefits I have now compared to pre transplant. Perhaps it is a conscious decision to forget quite how bad things were pre-transplant. It is painful to think that this time last year I was grasping onto my life and wondering whether I would wake up each and every morning. I was told I had unrecordable lung function and given an appointment for a year's time by my referral hospital; an indication to me that there was nothing more they could do for me. I would either live to see that appointment or not. This time last year I was struggling with the idea of writing my will. I didn't know where to start, and for me, it was an admission that my journey was over.

This week I have quite a busy diary but I am taking the next couple of days off to recuperate. I hope to attend a BBQ, go for a meal, complete some project work and have some IT software training.

I really did eat quite a lot of junk food this weekend as I just wanted to really enjoy myself and explore things that I usually do not do. I did a watercolour painting of a rose which I am yet to complete (deciding whether to add a layer?), Mum has used watercolours a fair bit in the past so I got lots of great tips from her (thanks mum!) I made lots of cards ready for my swap party and I did some sketching. I surprised myself at how easy it is to get back into an old skill. As a child, I was constantly drawing. My niche was cartoons and I was forever known for drawing Betty Boop, Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. I used to do some for friends too and was always called up when displays needed doing at school. Now, I enjoy drawing people, flowers, buildings and inanimate objects.

I was going to skip my nap today, but I am feeling quite lethargic so reckon it would be a good idea to have a power nap at least! Being free of hospital appointments is such a blessing. I feel I have a chance for the first time since my transplant to really get back to feeling like me. To look in the mirror and see me! I get reminders that all is not well, I am not in denial about that but

My symptoms seem to have stabilised somewhat...I feel less moody too and its almost like I have fully adapted to the new body I have. I know my limitations and I can predict what can happen. This means I can plan rest days, ensuring that I stay healthy and focused.  Hoping to get news about my cardiologist referral in London.

I have noticed that I have gained two pounds which is good and will please my dietician...whether it will stay on is another thing altogether. Ooops! That reminds me I must get in touch with my physio. I was doing some tai chi warm ups and we started to fall asleep mid exercise!! It was hilarious, my eyes just kept closing and the voice on the dvd started to fade out. Thinking I may timetable tai chi for the evenings instead and see how I get on!!! :-)

Someone very dear to me has taken up Thai Boxing as a hobby and I am trying to convince him to try Capoeira which is a fusion of dance and martial arts. I really wanted to try it, my mum said it was really good. Who knows, maybe one day I just might be able to!

Waiting to get camera from depths of suitcase so I can upload some pics from the weekend
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