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Friday Funnies ~ Kids Say and Do the Funniest Things

Posted Jun 11 2010 12:06pm
My friend Lisa always has a handful of quotes from her grandson Jackson.

Lisa wrote on her Facebook profile about the latest "Jacksonism" she heard at lunch.

Jackson: "I'll have to be strong when I get married."
Mah-Mah: "Oh, really? Why will you have to be strong?"
Jackson: "To carry the bride to the house. You know, stuff that people do like that."

The boy is planning ahead. ;-)

And here's another "Jacksonian" after Lisa picked him up from Day Two of Vacation Bible School.

Jackson: "Mah-Mah, I had a good day today. No problems, no issues."

She's thinking that she ought to attend VBS, too. ;-)

My brother Steve and sister-in-law Barb found this photo of my niece Kristin.  They scanned it and added it to her Facebook page. 

Of course, all of those photos are fair game for Aunt Debbie, right?

Kristin was dressing up in her mom's wedding gown.  Isn't she adorable?  I think she was practicing for the big day.

Kristin is now engaged to Kevin.  This is one of their engagement photos.  Aren't they cute together? 

Kristin has grown up but I still think she's adorable.  I know she will make a beautiful bride.

Don't forget to smile and laugh.  It's good for the heart and soul.

Blessings and love,

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