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Fitness Friday ~ Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Posted Jun 19 2009 4:05pm

It's Fitness Friday! The summer has arrived and the days are gettting hot ...especially here in Phoenix.

Of course, we always like to remind people that it may be hot but it's a dry heat. But we all know's still HOT!

Instead of focusing on exercise this week, I thought I'd talk about fruits and veggies a bit. I know, I know know you're supposed to eat lots of fruits and vegetables but it can be hard to fit it in.

I read in my current Pritikin ePerspective newsletter that we should eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. That means 4 fruits and 5 veggies at a minimum.

Here's their bottom line as to the benefits of including fruits and veggies:
  • Helps you lose weight and ...keep it off
  • Helps to reduce your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and many cancers
  • Helps you feel better
  • Helps you look better
  • Helps you live longer

You simply can't get the same benefit from taking a pill. You have to eat real fruits and vegetables.

Right now is a great season to purchase fresh berries. Have you seen all of the strawberries, blueberries, peaches and watermelon in the grocery stores?

Do you need a few ideas?

How about eating healthy and saving money?

Erin of $5 Dinners posted a simple recipe for a fruit salad on her blog. She purchases fruit that is in season and on sale. When she gets home from the grocery store, she cuts up half of the fruit she purchased and puts it in a bowl. This way it's easy to access for a handy snack.

How often do you think of having some fruit but don't want to take the time to clean it or cut it up? Link to Erin's post and see how easy it is to do and the same time save money. I'm all for that.

Let me give you a few tips for ways to include fruits and vegetables in your diet every day:

  • Add fresh fruit to your cereal each morning
  • If you have a sandwich for lunch, be sure to include lettuce or other greens and tomatoes
  • Vegetable soups are a great way to add veggies
  • Gazpacho soup is ideal for hot weather (I usually make up a batch for the week since it's so low calorie and healthy)
  • Snack on raw carrots (You can even buy them cleaned and cut up)
  • Visit your local farmer's markets for fresh and local fruit and vegetables
  • Include fresh raw vegetables in a salad every day

I hope you will find inventive ways to include fresh fruits and vegetables each day. It's a great way to teach your children how to eat healthy.

How about you? Have you found ways to include this important food group in your diet?

Don't forget to visit Sandy at God Speaks Today for her Fitness Friday post. She's writing from California while on vacation with her family. I wonder how she'll get her fruits and veggies in?

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