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Fitness Friday ~ Accountability

Posted Mar 27 2009 10:04am
It's Fitness Friday and I had several ideas for topics today. I want to share the reason I decided on the topic of accountability.

You see, it basically comes down to this ...I need accountability!

Yesterday I participated in Thankful Thursday. I wrote that I was thankful for spring and described the beautiful weather we were experiencing this time of year in Phoenix. I began thinking that it would be a great time to go for a hike after completing my post.

Well, you know how it is. I got distracted with other things and didn't go for the hike.
Kate AKA Jottin Mama left a comment asking me if I went for my hike. She's been a part of our Fitness Friday Fanatics blog.

And I suddenly felt very convicted.So, I put on some sun screen. After all, you don't leave the house without it in Phoenix. And off I went for my hike.

Thank you Jottin Mama. I needed that accountability so I could respond to your comment honestly and say "yes, I went for my hike". Check out this cute photo with her hubby and little boy. Did I mention that she's also pregnant?

OK, so let's get back to acccountability.

Maybe you set a goal to lose weight, to get in shape or to simply adopt a healthier lifestyle. I believe an important step to accomplishing your goal is to set up some accountability.

It might be a friend that becomes your walking partner or someone who takes a spinning class with you. It could be simply keeping a log of your food intake and exercise for each day.

My friend Georgann recently lost quite a bit of weight through Weight Watchers. When I asked her about keeping the weight off, she told me that her motivation was that she doesn't want to have to pay a monthly fee to continue to participate. I guess in Weight Watchers if you meet your goal you get free maintenance.

So, for Georgann her accountability is the scale. When she weighs in at Weight Watchers, she doesn't want to gain or else she'll have to start paying fees again.

Here are a few online resources to keep you accountable:
  • The Daily Plate: They were recently acquired by the Lance Armstrong health website. But this is a free place where you can log all of the food you eat in a day, along with your activity. You can track your progress towards your weight loss goals. I used this for some time and found it quite helpful. You can also calculate how many calories you should be consuming depending on your goals.
  • Fit Day: This is another free online site where you can keep a diet and weight loss journal.
  • Nutridiary: A free site where you can keep an online food and exercise diary. You can track your weight loss, obtain information on calorie intake and energy expenditure for different exercises and group support.
  • Diet Nation: This site has some handy weight loss tools including a calorie and activity calculator. A waist to hip ratio calculator helps you determine your body shape.
  • Shape Up America: You will find tools that include a meal and snack calculator and a body mass index calculator. You will be able to track your progress to add some accountability.

One of the best ways to add accountability, especially if you don't like to track your progress with a log, is to have an exercise buddy. If you make a commitment with a friend, you're more likely to continue it so you don't let your friend down.

Several of my neighbors hike together three mornings a week. Kate tells me that there's pressure to join in because everyone's waiting for you. I'm sure there would be mornings when she'd rather stay in bed but knowing that her friends are outside waiting provides accountability.

So, how about it? What's your plan for acccountability? Do you have any stories to share of successes or failures?

If you'd like to join our Fitness Friday Fanatics group, be sure to link to Sandy's blog called God Speaks Today. Send her your email and she'll send you an invitation. It's a private blog so if you're a little shy about sharing your weight and struggles, this might be a good group to join and at the same time, have some accountability.

Speaking of Sandy, have your ever wondered about organics and natural foods? Well, Sandy's Fitness Friday post will provide you with all the information you need to make informed food choices when it comes to these foods. She'll help you decipher what's really healthy and the benefits they provide.

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