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Exciting Days

Posted Dec 09 2012 3:48pm

I’ve been out of touch because I’ve been busy with new grand babies. They were born on November 28th and they are just perfect.

Mary Beth didn’t have a difficult pregnancy but she made up for that with the hours and days after. She had heavy blood loss after the C-section. The boy twin had to spend two days in Grady’s NICU because of breathing problems. He is doing great now. A perfect angel. Remind me I said that when he is 16 and doesn’t want to come see his May May. Mary Beth and the baby girl were released from the hospital two hours before the father and I arrived home with the baby boy. Finally, the new family was together.

The next morning Andy and I went over to help with the seven AM fed. Mary Beth said she was having a hard time breathing. Said her heart was racing. I told her to call the doctor. He said to go to the ER if she thought she needed to. Andy took her. There the breathing became more difficult. They thought she might have blood clots. CT scan said not. She was in heart failure and was sent straight to ICU. Mary Beth spent four days there. She was dignosised with Postpartum Cardiomyopathy. There was some damage to her heart but we hope that will be repaired but she will be a life long heart patient now.

She and the kids are now under one roof and I’m spending the nights helping with the early morning feeds. Mary Beth tires easy and has to watch her blood pressure. She is on five different meds but hopes to come off some of them over the next few months but willl have to be careful the rest of her life.

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