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enough grape seed extract Procyanidins (OPCs) making you health

Posted by luteinfly

Grape seed extract contains lots of Procyanidins (OPCs), which is a natural strong anti-oxidants. It has a anti-senile ,anti-oxidation, anti-radiation, to improve sleep, changes the benevolence fluid circulation and other functions.

Characteristics of our product:
1, Specifications: Content procyanidins 95%, or other specifications, such as polyphenols 80%, 90% of the polyphenols;

2, water extraction,  easy dissolveded in wate;

3, and dispersed, and easy capsule loaded, easy-to-grain;

4, low-ash, low heavy metal;

5, in line with industry standards such as micro-organisms;

6, can be adopted by the heads of 60-200 mesh.

The product is widely used:
1, solid and liquid foods to strengthen the function, preservation, coloring.

When you need grape seed extract Procyanidins (OPCs) please contact us.

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