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EKG that indicated Heat Attach but Blood Work Normal

Posted by Shortdog

My son is 35 years old, 6FT 3 Inches tall, and weighs about 280 LBS.  He had been having a fluttering feeling in his chest all week.  He went to urgent care and they gave him an EKG which they said was abnormal. They immediately sent him to the hospital by ambulance. When he got to the hospital, they gave him another EKG, again abnormal, indicating that there was a problem with bottom left part of the heart.  However, all of his blood work came back normal.  They released him from the hospital and said he should follow up with his regular doctor in a week.  He does not have a history of heart attach, but three of his grandparents died of sudden heart attach.  What should he do moving forward.  I am very concerned.  He does not smoke and only drinks in moderation.  He is under a great deal of stress with the economy.
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Changes are often nonspecific on an EKG.  Sounds like he should touch base with a cardiologist to ensure his EKG changes are normal variation (e.g. "repolarization abnormality") as opposed to pathology.  He'll probably end up with an echocardiogram to look at the bottom of his heart and possibly a Holter monitor for the fluttering.
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