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EKG question

Posted by JDragun2

Hi guys. I've has some chest pain for months. It was severe at onset and persistent. I went to the ER twice.....both times the doctors office said my EKG was abnormal, but at the hospital they looked at the same EKG from the doctor's office and another one they took and told me it was normal. They also did bloodwork twice and both times said I was ok. My pcp (different doctor) thinks I have teitzes syndrome, but is sending me in for a stress test this week to rule out any heart issues.

Why would a doctors office and hospital come up with two very different conclusions from the same EKG? Also I am worried that the stress test may show something that is not really there. Does this happen? I am very concerned, I am only 27 years old, I am in the process of quitting smoking, I eat well, and walk more than thirty minutes every day between classes at school and a job on my feet all night. 

 The pain is not as intense as it was 3 months ago at onset, and feels superficial, on the breast bone or muscle to the left and sometimes right of the sternum. It doesn't hurt more with deep breathing, but a heating pad usually helps quickly. sometimes my shirt will aggravate the pain when it comes, but whenI massage the area lightly it feels better while I do it.

Anyone have any ideas here? Should I be worried about CAD?

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