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Effect of Telmisartan on heart and its interaction with other medicine for controlling high blood pressure & HEART RATE

Posted by madarbk

I have high blood pressure for last 20 years and have become diabetic for last 15 years.Lately I have started getting irregular hear beat which has started occurring after every few days say 3/4 days and last for 24 hours , earlier it used to be once in few months. This started happening after I started taking TELMISARTAN 40 mg BD. I am taking on following medicines:-

   Amlodipine 5 mg OD

   Metoprolo Tartate 50 mg OD

   Ramipril 10 mg BD

   Telmisartan 40 mg (Now OD)

   Nicoumalope 2mg OD

  Amiodarone HCL 100 mg OD

  Ecospirin 75 mg OD

  Glimepiride 2 mg OD

  Metmorfin 500mg BD

   I am taking so many medicines that my HEART RATE SOME TIMES GO WONKY. IT beats at less than 60 BPM when my heart beat is regular and it beats almost 120 BPM when iI have irregular heart beat. My taking amiodarone has also not helped much. When heart beat is irregular then my BP goes high and so does heart rate. I feel weak and lethargic.

     Could you suggest any changes in my medicine for enabling me to have proper BLOOD PRESSURE and PROPER HEART RATE. My sugar level are under control and I walk 5 miles a day and do YOGA too.



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