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Eating a Mediterraean diet can improve heart function

Posted by Misia

According to a recent study led by researchers at Indiana University in Bloomington, eating a Mediterranean diet can improve heart function.
By analysing dietary information and cardiac histories of about 300 identical and fraternal male twins, scientists found that men eating a Mediterranean-style diet had greater heart rate variability (HRV) than those eating a Western-type diet. Heart rate variability refers to variation in the time interval between heart beats during everyday life. A reduced HRV is a risk factor for coronary artery disease and sudden death, whereas higher variability reflects good function of the heart.


Full article here:


If you want to discover more about the mediterranean diet, its dietary principles, benefits and most common recipes have a look at this site:

By signing up and giving information about your lifestyle and food preferences, you can also get a free personalized mediterranean diet based on your nutritional needs and provided by a team of  nutritionists from the SISA (Italian Association of Food Science).


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