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Don't Blow Your WOD on Your First Snatch...

Posted Jul 19 2009 10:13pm
...Or First Jerk *ahhhh*
...Or First 2 Rounds of Tabata Torture

I don't know what attracted me to Crossfit first...

The Paleo diet which 80-90% of all members and trainers follow for performance, gains and optimal health... Robb and Nicki's gym ( ranked top 30 in the U.S. By Men's Health )... the HAWWT people at my gym... my first warrior trainer Luca who could rip your head off if he wanted to... the MLF who keep us safe (military, law enforcement, firefighters)... how T-Muscle (formerly known as T-Nation) tries to knock it but can't like HERE...

Or the raunchy, hilarious inside jokes about our workouts!

So here is my progress (in my tri Zoot suit)...

Finally my insulin is better controlled (no more tooth abscess b/c it was pulled and the synthetic progestin nearly out of my f*&#$(@ system) after a year of Hormone H*LL... and the 6-paks are re-emerging...again...

Insulin. It can be your friend or your enemy. It can grow great hypertrophic muscles or screw your metabolism, jack your hsCRP and prevent loss of belly fat.

Low carb, mod-high fat Paleo and bursts of anaerobic exercise at Crossfit control insulin.

As does
--avoiding dental infections
--avoiding dental inflammation
--avoiding synthetic/FAKE hormones

Here are my studmuffin Xfit homeys. Our Diablo Crossfit affiliate gym came in 16th out of 100 Xfit gyms. Congrats babes and boys! Y'll R-O-C-K.

Today for Sunday's WOD (workout of the day) we did TABATA... torture... *haa*

Tabata deadlift (135lb men, 95lb women, barbell deadlifts)
Tabata dumbbell push press (men 45lb dbs, women 25lb)
Tabata burpee

A "Tabata" is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. 8 rounds total (4 minutes). Count reps for each round. Your 'score' for each exercise is the lowest number of reps completed in any one round.

My score: DL 43# 11 times; DB PP 15# b/c I suck 6 times; burpee 4

The key of course to Tabata is to pace yourself. Don't blow your WOD on the first one to two successive rounds.
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