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does a slow heart beat of my 21 weeks fetus necessarily mean a heart block.Can my baby have a normal heart beat few weeks later.

Posted by fahmee

i am 21 weeks preg and had a visit with a perinatal clinic.where the dr detected a low ventricular rate of 50-60 bpm everything else being normal.He said its a fetal heart he sure or can this be an assumption at this stage.Is there any possibility that my baby s heart rate can improve in the coming weeks and she doesnt have a heart block?I am really worried.They have asked me to come for a follow up US in 4 weeks.Please help.
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HI, My wife is having the same proble with 26 weeks pregnenacy, visited all famous hospital and doc, all are seems helpless, they advised to take dexamethasone 4 mg.

I think you need to be happy and eat healthy foods. you should visit in every week for cheack up, you can atke an opninon by fetal ECO Test, which shows accurate beats. I have gone through internet also, their also i foud Dexamethasome tablets, upto an extent tablet can give benefit. You can test for antibody RO/LA or others.

No other treatment is available till date, but do not worry, in some cases Dexa provides the benefit. God will help us.


Sunil Bhardwaj (You can mail me


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