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Coronary angiogram in Corrected Transposition (C TGV, L TGV)

Posted Jun 28 2013 12:00am

In L TGV  ventricles are Inverted . Since , coronary  arteries go with  the respective ventricle  , LAD originates from Right sinus , and RCA arises from Left sinus . (Complex anomalies  in origin, course still possible )  LAD supplies   venous ventricle . RCA  supplies systemic ventricle .

The most surprising Irony is that major epicardial  branches run in their respective grooves in the bulk of the patients with L TGV .The LAD runs  in anterior interventricular  groove and LCX in left AV groove etc. (That’s real  power of nature , these epicardial branches home in to their grooves even in the midst of bizarre AV and VA connection !)

Here is the the ultimate reference  article ;  A  study from 255 hearts with C TGV . I wonder ,  we will  never  get a study like this ! 

coronary anatomy in corrected transpostion og great arteries ltga c tgv Ltgv annals of thoracic surgery 1994

Questions to ponder

Implication in surgery

Progressive RV dysfunction is a major determiant of long term outcome . Unless we do an arterial switch  diverting respective ventricular flow  it  is not going to help much in the long term

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