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Combination Therapy for Heart Disease Reversal

Posted May 16 2010 10:01am

A study published by a team from a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital ( The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center) to see what happens when you combine a heart disease reversal diet with the use of statin drugs. The effects were found to be additive. Medication and improved (heart healthy) nutrition work independently of each other, so that the benefits of one therapy are actually ADDED to the benefits of the other. For example, if your medication, alone, yields a 35% improvement and your improved diet alone yields a 18% improvement, the total improvement will be 35 + 18 or an impressive 53%.


The effect of this therapeutic approach on the improvement of the patients' condition was foreseeable, given all the studies on the efficacy of the new drugs used in cardiology and given the data gathered by clinicians who also used special heart disease reversal diets as part of their treatment. The pioneering nutritional work that led to combination therapy (medication + diet) was performed mostly by clinicians such as Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Ornish, Dr. Gould and Dr. C.T. Campbell.


The Harvard study concluded that diet helped statin drugs in further lowering total and LDL-Cholesterol.

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