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Cleveland vs NYC round 1

Posted Jan 09 2008 12:00am

I’m off to middle America. Yup, off to Cleveland Clinic. Woooo.  I will be going from Sunday 1/13 through Tuesday 1/15.  I have appointments on Monday and Tuesday all day long.  Fingers crossed that we get to the bottom of things!  I spoke to the cardiologist that I will be seeing there and he seems ready and able.  We had a long talk and there is a team of researchers behind him that will do what is necessary to make sure I am on the right track. 

Now , I love NYC, it is my city and I would never ever speak badly of her.  But these people at the Cleveland Clinic seem to have it together!  My experience with NYC doctors has not been amazing… so I’m heading to the cornfields (are there even cornfields in Cleveland)?

Since Cleveland has come up, we have postponed the defibrillator.  I want to see what they say and to be honest, I still have not decided whether to get it at this point.  I do not want to make a decision based out of fear that something might happen, I want solid information first and I think this is the first step to getting it. 

Yesterday was crazyyyy. I am still feeling awful.  Everyday I wake up in so much pain.  Just to explain a little how complicated things are right now:  oddly enough, I am not experiencing any symptoms of my heart failure.  I am not short of breath, I am able to walk and do things in that respect.  But, there is something entirely different happening at the same time to my body.  I have been seeing tons of docs (rheumatologists) to find out what this is and nothing seems to be coming up.  One thing is for sure, I cannot get out of bed often, my muscles and joints ache terribly and I have a headache that never goes away.  It has really cut into my “being fabulous” time. Haha.  I cannot remember the last time I woke up and felt great… without a pain or a headache.  It’s also been difficult for me to eat lately, nausea has to be my all time least favorite thing ever.

Ok, off to a (nother) doctor appointment.  Send some positive vibes this way and I will check in with news as it comes….

Lots of love

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