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chest pain upper right pectoral very sharp

Posted by larry

lasts about 20 minutes give or take not every day and not same time is a very sharp pain
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Pain is a pain to figure out, isn't it?

First off, the kind of pain you are describing, sharp and fleeting, is almost never "cardiac", that is "heart attack" kind of pain.  However, if you are obese, have high blood pressure and cholesterol, and have a strong family history of heart disease, it's always a good idea to get chest pain evaluated by a doctor.

If you are a healthy, young active person, there are some common things that would account for it. 

If the pain is occurring in the same place and is coming and going, I would ask you to notice what you are doing when the pain ocurrs.

Were you running?

Was it right after you ate something?

Does it get worse when you take a deep breath? 

Was it after you were driving...etc.

This might help you and your doctor figure out what is causing it.  The upper right chest area can sometimes mean gall bladder issues especially if the pain comes and goes.  Not all gall blader problems means you need surgery.  Gall bladder pain usually occurrs after eating a fatty meal (fried food, dairy, etc.) but can occur any time.  The pain is usually sharp, and is sometimes severe.

Keep a log of when the pain happens, what you were doing right before, and how long it was since you ate.  Also track how long the pain lasts (sometimes pain that lasts just 60 seconds can feel like 60 minutes) and if anything you do helps it to pass.

Then take this information to your doctor. Simple painless tests can determine if it is your gall bladder.

If your pain ever gets progressively worse, does not let up, or is accompanied by sweating or nausea, be safe and get to an emergency room just to be sure.

Good luck Larry, and please let us know how you do. 



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