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Cellulite = Poor Circulation?

Posted by Nirmala N.

Does anybody know what causes cellulite, and whether or not there are effective ways to get rid of it or reduce it? Some sources have told me that it's all about boosting your circulation and overall cardiovascular health, while others have said that it's primarily genetic. Any thoughts?
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Personal Experience Says.... That it has to do with getting that heart pumping. Cellulite runs in my family, even though I am quite thin. If I am not working out, I will (all of a sudden - in those unforgiving dressing room mirrors) notice that my entire body is covered with a thin layer of cottage cheese! Once I work out for a month or so, it's much, much better. Bizarro, but true.
Thoughts. I'm no professional, but I have noticed that my "cottage cheese layer" (as C.L. R. put it so well) tends to appear when all I've been doing is sitting around and not moving around enough. This is even without changing my diet. If my legs are always in standing or sitting position for long periods of time (about a week), the cellulite appears... but nothing a good regular jog, dance, or swim can handle. :)
While I was going to school for massage therapy, we would massage each other to learn the different techniques, it was at that time I saw my cellulite disappearing, people make a lot of claims for special lotion and potions but if you have a spouse, friend or family member that would be willing to learn swedish massage and a salt glo massage (this is a scrub), if they were willing to massage your legs, 10 minutes on each leg, you will get your circulation moving, and you are moving the blood to your heart. also a salt glo treatment (salt scrub) once a week or once every two weeks will also help. By the way I did nothing different I ate very bad in those days, loads of sugar and I was not exercising, I was working 3 jobs and going to massage school and taking care of two children no time for exercise but it is definitely important, if you are short on time at least walk park the car a distance and walk to work or to the mall etc.. just so you can get your lymphatics moving around.
Sorry meant to say 10 minutes on each leg each day with the Swedish massage.
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