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Celeb*tchy grrls know their vitamin D and Osteoporosis

Posted Jul 02 2010 6:36pm

Celeb*tchy (ok... where I lurk for laughs...): Gwyneth Paltrow has vitamin D deficiency may develop osteoporosis

Gwen, get some
1. vitamin D 5000 IU daily in the morning
2. sunshine sans sunscreen
3. vitamin K2 100mcg daily (and/or fermented foods, dairy, CLO)
4. Magnesium (citrate, malate, taurate (since you don't eat much MEAT), chelate, etc) 500-1000mg daily or more
5. BONE BROTH w/grassfed bones + REAL FOOD + FAT D*MN IT
6. Worried, melenoma? Don't. Take antioxidants proven to prevent UV damage ( selenium , iodine , NAC (glutathione presursor), vitamin C + natural E tocopherol , proanthocyanidins (wine/grape seed) , pycnogenol, thyroid , maca, plant/animal polyphenols , etc)
7. repeat bone mineral density (BMD) in 2-3 yrs -- will be improved...normal probably
8. avoid bisphosphonates which make a brittle bone matrix, not crosslinked correctly (like an unstable dense house on sand) -- which are drugs highly linked to spontaneous fractures, poor gum/bone healing, jaw osteonecrosis, inflammation and atrial fibrillation (=strokes/mortality/lifelong-warfarin/etc)
9. lower your serum insulin (basal, postprandial)
10. minerals + hormones: pregnancy leaches minerals and bone-protective hormones (omega-3, vitamin D) vertically to the baby unless mom is totally replete. Birth control especially progestins (ALL) lower bone mineral density compared with placebo (Depo-Provera, the worse, because injected; pellets and IUD and orals, TOTALLY bone degrading)

***Comments crack me up from: cheekemunkey, MightyMouse (no it's not me, I'd be batgrrrl) *haa aha*

Sounds like evo/paleo hunter-gatherer grrrrls.

Peter initiated... *haa*

Hyperinsulinemia and Metabolic Syndrome (which is a high insulin syndrome) are highly associated with bone degradation, bone fractures and osteoporosis . Consider also a grain-free, soy-free , lower carbohydrate diet... to prevent trigging all that insulin that grows inflammatory belly fat which breaks down bone.

Osteoporosis Resources
o The Standard, Guilliam PhD

o Vitamin D 5000 IU daily normalizes 25OHD PTH in 12 months and improves BMD as good/better than a bisphosphonate (thanxxx Neo!)

Healthy bones [ and clear arteries without calcifications, see Rotterdam and HERE ] require as evident in this recent study--25OHD ~50 ng/ml
--PTH < 20 pg/ml
--[optimal thyroid (TSH FT4 FT3 rT3) -- not discussed, important and ultimately vital for the intimately inter-related network of endocrine organs: parathyroid, thyroid, kidneys, adipose, gonads, marrow... B-O-N-E-S ]

EvMed posts (Dr. Tourgeman):

(1) Brain, Bone and Metabolism; (2) Celiac Disease and Osteoporosis; (3) Drugs That Weaken Bone Structure
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