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Castor Oil Packs

Posted Feb 02 2010 7:00am

I’ve been doing castor oil packs on and off for almost two years now.  Castor oil has many natural healing qualities so I always make sure I keep some in the house.

I learned to do the castor oil packs from one of the many healers I’ve encountered.  She is a lovely woman who specializes in Mayan Abdominal Massages.  When my stomach was at its worst from the ischemic colitis and torn apart from all of the harsh medicines I’d been taking, the abdominal massages were usually the only thing that could get me to eat and digest successfully.  She used castor oil for the massages but first she would put a castor oil pack on my stomach.

The castor oil pack consists of one layer of castor oil that you rub into your entire abdomen, a rag soaked in the oil which you place over your abdomen, and then you wrap it up tightly with saran wrap.  Finally you put a hot water bottle over your wrap.  The heat is essential for helping the castor oil to soak in through your skin and get to your organs.  Most importantly, the castor oil pack cleanses your liver and gall bladder as well as you upper GI tract and stomach.  It can be sort of messy (and it stains) but castor oil is so amazing I use any extra to rub on my face and arms.  Sidenote: I find that it gives my skin a really beautiful glow when I use it on my face every so often.

Here are some pictures of my process.  In the first shot you can see my supplies.  That hot pink water bottle is one of the most important utensils in my home.  I put scorching hot water in there and hug it when my stomach hurts, or place it over muscles and joints that throb with pain.  It’s incredibly soothing.

The second shot is a side view of how my stomach looks after I’ve wrapped it up.  The next step would be to lie down with the hot water bottle for about 20 minutes.

Benefits and Uses of Castor Oil:

  • reduces inflammation
  • increases circulation
  • repairs damaged tissue
  • facilitates new tissue growth
  • stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
  • strengthens the immune system
  • induces labor in pregnant women
  • laxative for constipation
  • anti-fungal components
  • antibacterial components
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