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Carvajal Syndrome : A new form of Intercellular cardiomyopathy with electrical instabilty .

Posted Mar 09 2011 12:01pm

Mystery  surrounding  the Inherited cardiomyopathies are  getting  unraveled . Now ,we have  a unique entity of cardiac muscle disease due to  Desmoplakin mutations which affects the  cardiac intercalated disks.  They are Naxos disease and Carvajal syndrome.

Source : Wikipedia

Heart has a skeleton too

We know skeletal muscles   need  a bone for its attachment   . If  we  think cardiac  muscle can work independently . . . we are mistaken !

Heart is not a simple mass of muscle.It has a fibrous skeleton around which the muscle is spun around. Myocytes  not only  need to stick with one another,  it has to  be packed over the cardiac fibrous skeleton systematically.

The cardiac  gums that do this job need to  be under strict quality control . After all ,  these muscle sticking proteins  need to be serviced constantly  throughout life span of heart. It is  simple to understand ,when there is  breakdown of this process  , protein  to protein disconnection  takes place  . It results in  cardiomyopathy.

Thus many of the  cardiomyopathies are  not  primary  disorder of cardiac  myocytes as such . They can be termed as disorder  of myocyte adhesion to cytoskelton.

These  present as cardio cutaneous syndromes .(Skin share similar adhesion molecules)

Carvajal syndrome

This is due to mutations of plakoglobin  family of protein . Involves desmoplakin ,  a defective desmosomes and disruption in myocyte adhesion  which  promote  abnormal myocardial stretch ,  dilatation  later fibrosis  and progressive cardiac failure. Non compacted LV can be a feature in carvajal syndrome. Recurrent VT/VF demands an early ICD therapy.

Natural history

  • Woolly hair at birth
  • Cutaneous changes at appear at  the age  of one year.
  • Cardiac involvement  occur in adolescence
  • Can overlap with ARVD

How  is Carvajal syndrome   different from Naxos disease.

It has

  • Predominant LV involvement.
  • Fatty infiltration uncommon


From cell biology to Inter cellular biology

For over a century biologists were concentrating  research inside the  human cells .Now we are more interested in the inter cellular planes. It  remains an ultimate mystery how the zillions of  cells are sticked together in an orderly fashion  without fighting each other with a  perfect anatomical and physiological harmony.

Understanding the molecular  basis of cell adhesion will  help us decode the pathological states   in which  inter cellular  disintegration  is the hall mark !

A review article on the topic.

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