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Cardiovascular System can be improved in 3 ways

Posted Feb 15 2010 12:01am
Usually people are curious to understand every organ system of the body. Once we come to know the functions of our systems, we will definitely behave more cautiously. There are certain things through which we can take good care of our body. Good food, sound sleep, and regular exercise are the best way to stay healthy and happy. Our heart is the main organ of our body. The good maintenance of our heart function will keep us away from life threatening illness.


Cardiovascular system function


The cardiovascular system addresses to the heart, veins, and arteries of the body. The main function of our heart is to supply blood, nutrition, and oxygen to other organs of the body. Our heart, originally, is a muscle which gets stronger and healthier with good exercise. It is just like any other organ which gets healthier after strengthening the muscles. Due to its poor diet, and hectic lifestyle; people suffer from chronic heart troubles. Well, apart from advanced medical privileges, we have found some beneficial activities that will keep your heart healthy.


Walking and Aerobic:

Walking good for heart



Adapt some light exercise which will help you to maintain good health. Even little amount of exercise for some time of the day will definitely help the health of heart. Moderate rate of exercise helps to strengthen the cardio system. Walking is also a part and parcel of aerobic exercise. It is a simple exercise, which can be easily implemented in hectic lifestyle. However, busy your schedule might be, you definitely can walk for at least fifteen during your office hours. You may even walk down to your grocery store for shopping some vegetable and fruits. This small modification in your life can definitely improve the cardiovascular system of the body.


Cardiovascular Equipment:

Cardiovascular equipment


When you have decided to carry out the exercise regularly, it is better to join he gym for better results. Check out some good gym that comprises excellent equipments and professional instructors. Hire a good personal trainer who will design your daily routinely according to your necessity of your body. Opt for some good cardio exercise which strengthens the cardiovascular system of the body. Find some good gym that comprises equipments like bikes, ski machines, treadmills, rowers, and elliptical machines that develops the cardiovascular system. Learn to use this equipment properly so that you don’t mess up with some wrong functions. If you don’t like the idea to join gym, you may house those equipments and enjoy your workouts.



Yoga for heart


Yoga is the best solution to improve your health and live a peaceful life. Yoga is a peaceful way of fighting with all ailments without actually investing huge efforts. It helps to improvise the breathing system, thus benefits all organs of the body. Yoga is considered as supplementary to aerobic workouts. You may combine aerobic exercise with yogic attitude to develop healthy lifestyle. Practicing yoga in your day-to-day life especially, breathing asanas will help largely. Practice deep breathing systems which will meet the desired requirement for oxygen by your body. Thus, it helps for proper functioning of your cardiovascular systems. Regular practice of yoga will lessen the level of blood pressure, controls the level of cholesterol, and lowers down the risk of heart troubles.


Donna Brown is a health researcher in health and fitness. She writes about nutritious food, dental care to fit healthy. Get more information about Cardiovascular system, cardiovascular exercises and early symptoms of diabetes on
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