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Can the Flu vaccine 2008 cause atrial fibrillation in a person fitted with a pacemaker??

Posted by Richard

My husband had a flu injection December 23rd 2008.  He had his pacemaker checked last week which showed he had an atrial fibrillation for 6 1/2 hours on the 23rd December  later in the day. Is this a side effect of the vaccine??
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I'm a 35 year old in good health.  I received my first ever flu shot in 2009.  Two weeks later I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation after experiencing what felt like  heart palpitations and difficulty breathing.  I was told it was likely due to alcohol consumption.  This is odd to me as I drink far less than I ever have since the birth of our son in 2008.  Not more than about a six pack in any given weekend.  I now take a beta blocker to minimize the occurrence.

I would love to hear from others as well.... 

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