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can sinus infection cause heart palpitations

Posted by Melissa0327

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right now i have an infection in my tonsils and i have palpitations.. so far all the stuff i have seen online says you can.. i never had them before unless i was drinking a Monster energy drink or something.. or i would get them when i was very sleep deprived.. but during this last semester of school i was addicted to caffeine and have since stopped drinking it because it caused me to be very anxious.. the palpitations are only every once and a while throughout the day.. and i went to the doctor for my tonsils and they listened to my heart and took my blood pressure and everything was great.. also i had an upper respiratory infection about six months ago.. plus i recently started being more active (biking 40-50 miles/week).. so im sure all of it is just adding a little to the problem.. plus stress and anxiety lowers your immune system and stresses your heart too.. so listen to some soothing music and stretch go for a jog or bike.. take some me time out for yourself whatever helps.. if its causing other problems definitely get it checked out.. but im not a doctor just speaking from my own experience.. everything else seems to be running fine in my body though.. for myself if its not causing any other problems and it goes away after the antibiotics and a few weeks then im good..

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