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Can Herbal Medicine Treat Diabetes and Prevent Heart Disease?

Posted Apr 14 2009 11:15pm 1 Comment
Herbal medicines have already been utilized by people for the treatment of many diseases and ailments for many centuries. Sad to say, their role has gradually been dismissed by the Western health experts because they claim that no hard scientific evidence is found to support how these herbs treat the diseases.

However, the prevailing scientific medicines seem could not deliver their promises in treating many diseases and worse still, many of these medications come with side effects, some of which are deadly serious. Therefore, more and more patients have turned to herbal medicines for help.

Recently, there is an increase in the number of diabetics seek treatment from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), though some doctors felt that there is no proven evidence in such alternative treatment.

Diabetes is a very common but serious disease that is characterized by excessively high blood sugar level. Being a known risk factor for heart disease and stroke, diabetes could also lead to high blood pressure, blindness, peripheral amputation and even heart attack.

History showed that medicinal plants have been used in traditional healing around the world for a long time to treat diabetes. This is because such herbal plants have hypoglycemic properties, as reported in scientific literature.

At least 400 traditional plants could treat diabetes, and some of these have been scientifically evaluated and observed to have experimental and/or clinical anti-diabetic activity. For example, Gymnema sylvestre (gurmar), Momordica charantia (bitter melon) and Trigonella foenum greacum (fenugreek) have been found to be beneficial to diabetics. Moreover, there have been very few adverse effects were reported in the clinical studies of these herbal medicines. In other words, they appear to be generally safe.

It is worth mentioning that many Western drugs used today also originated from natural plant sources. For instance, metformin, an oral prescription glucose-lowering drug for diabetes, was initially derived from a flowering plan called Galega officinalis (Goat’s Rue or French Lilac). The latter was commonly used as traditional remedy for diabetes.

In fact, The World Health Organization (WTO) Expert Committee on diabetes has recommended that traditional medicinal herbs be further investigated. This indicates that the role of TCM in the management of diabetes should not be underestimated.
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Really an amazing piece of information you have pasted in your blog. And also being an Indian by birth , I would appreciate to encourage herbal medicine , and especially Himalyan Arjuna . But sometimes heart diseases gets severe enough only because we are neglecting it’s causes and not caring about the indications of pre- heart attack. Many heart diseases are fatal, but at later stage. A proper medication at proper time really helps you to be fit and fine. But yes, a constant monitoring is required to ensure your health fitness all the time. This has become necessary especially in the times of recession, as there goes many stress full works in your life. I have been a fan of herbal medication techniques, but still I need to be in constant surveillance by doctors. I have enrolled me and my family in a wellness program from one of the medical service provider named Elite health( that helps us to reclaim our health, and prevent ourselves from any health problems that occurs in my life. One can find much information regarding such programs from their website:

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