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Can elevated JVP and edema legs occur in isolated diastolic heart failure ?

Posted Apr 10 2010 11:22am

It is  over a century old dictum , that  edema legs and elevated JVP is the hallmark of cardiac failure.In fact , these two  constitute  major criteria of Framingham  cardiac failure score.When these criterias were formulated the concept of diastolic heart failure was not in vogue. So we  do not know whether the same would apply for diastolic heart failure also.

In all probability these  conventional criteria may not apply to diastolic heart failure  .

But why not ?

We know diastolic heart failure  of the left ventricle  is less likely raise the  systemic  venous pressure  to cause the edema and raised JVP. But still ,  isolated LV diastolic dysfunction can increase the PCWP and PAP and RVP . Remember diastolic  septal dysfunction , may compromise RV relaxation also.(Reverend Bernheim like  effect)

We should  also realise , raised  venous pressure is not the only mechanism for edema legs.

Diastolic dysfunction can trigger  ACE genes  .IT can get activated and hence renal conservation of sodium.This neurohormonal activation can be dominant  mechanism of edema in few. This  prevails over  the hydrostatic forces. And  hence edema can result in isolated diastolic dysfunction.

What about RV diastolic dysfunction as a cause for right sided failure ?

This is a poorly  understood entity.Logic suggests  it may have clinical significance. Since  morphologically and developmentally LV  and RV share a common  sheet of muscle  , LV diastolic dysfunction can have it’s impact t on the RV as well.

Final message

Edema legs and raised JVP is a hall-mark of  isolated  systolic heart failure or combined systolic and diastolic failure   .It is not rare to find an occasional patient isolated diastolic dysfunction*  to present  symptoms of  systemic congestion .

*Of course ,  in this era of hi tech cardiology practice  it may be  inappropriate  to  depend on these  primitive clincal criterias  to diagnose CHF . (These  manifest very late in the course of CHF!)

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