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can a heart attack cause short term memory loss?

Posted by cilla33

my father was in a car accident about 4 days ago and i am not sure if he passed out becasue he as diabietes or if he had a heart attack. he was airlifted to the nearest trama facility becasue he was non-responsive. I believe that that they had to resesitate him. he did not hurt anybody nor himself, thank god. but I am very concerned that he is having short term memory loss. can a heart attack cause short term memory loss? he is still in the hospital and the doctors are saying he is fine. his long term memory is fine but if you ask him or tell him something a short time later he will ask again or forget what was just told to him. he never had this issue before the accident. he also seems very confussed where he is, can you please shed some light on this I am really needing another opinion. thank you so much for your time
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