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Brittany Murphy Died of Heart Attack?

Posted Dec 23 2009 12:00am

Be careful what you read!! Many people are being misled by the media when they read that this young 32-year-old actress died of a heart attack. For people who actually have heart disease, you should know a little bit more than the lay person off the street! For instance, most people think that a heart attack must be caused by plaque blockages in the arteries (also called Coronary Artery Disease). It is highly unlikely that the young actress had blockages in her arteries. The most likely scenario is that something else caused her heart to have an electrical problem called “cardiac arrest.”

Cardiac arrest is a completely different problem than what most people call a heart attack. A heart attack with blockages in the arteries CAN cause cardiac arrest and death. However, a person can have cardiac arrest without ever having blockages in their arteries. So, don’t be fooled by the media when you hear that a young, healthy person like Brittany Murphy died of a heart attack. Reportedly, the autopsy results are pending a drug screen so this may in fact be a similar case to Michael Jackson and NOT Tim Russert.

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