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Birth Control Pills and AutoImmune Disease

Posted Apr 14 2009 12:00am

Posting this because it is super important to me.  Hormones play a huge role in AutoImmune Disease and most women may not know they have one until they take birth control pills and it triggers their condition!

I absolutely believe that the pill contributed to my body turning on itself around the time the scarring on my heart was starting (I know approximately when because it is when I started fainting all over Manhattan).  Taking those pills was a big mistake and I can never be on them again.

I hope one day we can have some sort of screening process for women to see if they have an AI disease before we subject ourselves to seemingly harmless things (like the Pill) that could bring about major major health problems.  Now that I am educated on the topic I cringe at the thought of messing around with my hormones.  Ugh.

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